Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dgomba Protocol

You must greet elders in a certain way or you will never be able to do any type of work in a Dgomba village. Whenever an elder passes, you must stop and greet.

Dasooba good morning, Anteerie Good afternoon or Anoolah good evening. If you do not do this, the gate will not open for you.

I did meet and greet the gatekeeper for the Sanerigu village today. the response will be Na or Alafia! See you soon!


  1. Qasimah, who qualifies as an elder? Is it folks in their 60s? 70s? Thanks for these wonderfully interesting windows into Project F.O.O.D., and good luck "opening the gate!"

  2. I am glad I was raised to greet elders anyways. I think is a gesture that has been igndored nowadays alot. Anyways.....continue the great work mommy....I AM WATCHING.....I LOVE U!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration. I am moving along. Will start the survey shortly. Hard to think in the heat, but all is well. Much love always Mommy